Housekeeping for the big event

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Guys, we wanted to make a quick note that due to the limited availability next to our golf course and the businesses around us, the City has begun towing cars parked in the wrong parking lots. Though we know this is not ideal for any of us, please save yourself the hassle and only park in the parking spots labeled for Latta Lea. If you are towed and are looking for your car please click here —> Tow Rowlett. Again sorry for the inconvenience, but with the limited spaces available it’s really all that the City of Dallas can do.

A few other housekeeping items we needed to touch on as well regarding the tournament.

Please sign up in the next few weeks so we can start getting a better idea on how many people we will have signed up for the tourney.

So far we have around 50 people total. This total include ages from 8-65. So as you see we really are wanting this to be for anyone and everyone. Why do we do this?

  1. More Competition. While some may see this as a way to slow down the tournament, we see it as a way to really buff up the competition. Kids and adults of all ages will allow the young studs to try and keep up with the seasoned veterans. Players remember smack talking is only allowed for the grown adults ;)
  2. Family Experience. This is a great way to get the whole family out to compete against each other. Enjoy the weekend and cheer each other on. Challenge the ones closest to you while also becoming a better overall golfer.
  3. Elite Status. We all like to see what today’s youth has to offer. Not many tourneys let the youth compete against the big dogs, that’s why we do. How will we ever know just how good they might be if they aren’t going against the best ones out there? You never know when we have a new Tiger Woods on our hands.

A few other items to remember:

Parking. Parking at the tourney will be very tough we know. This is why we are working with the City to open different lots around us for the big event. We have access to a few already and they will cost $10 per space. Again we know this isn’t ideal, but we really have no other option.

Food. Depending on which package you purchase for the tourney, food will be provided. If you didn’t get the food package, there will be food stands and maybe even a few food trucks at the event (MMM). You are also welcome to bring in food from wherever if you would like. Just please remember not to bring back any bottles! Cans and cups only. Thank you.

For now that is all we have for you. I am sure we will stop by again with more we think of so stay tuned. Let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks and keep on golfing!

Tips for being a Great Golfer

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What it takes to be great.

This post comes just in time for our tournament coming up in the next few months. Hope you enjoy.

What does it take to be great?

Dedication. The old saying “practice makes perfect” wasn’t just made up out of thin air. Hard work is what sets you up for success for everything you do in life. Here Latta Lea we truly believe that hard work is the utmost important aspect to any golfer’s game. Out work your opponent and see what happens when you guys go head to head. He may be one of the kids who is uber talented, but your hard work will be what sets you apart from him in the end. Some way somehow it will come back to bite the lazy one in the butt. Sometimes it is in 1 day and sometimes results are portrayed a year later. All we know that EVENTUALLY if you keep busting your tail end you will be rewarded with achievement and victory.

Coach-ability. Don’t be the guy who thinks they know everything there is to know about the great sport of golf! Even the best golfers in the world aren’t 100%. What does this mean? Everyone has room to grow. Even if you are being taught something so simple, listen and follow and take what you can remember. There is always something you can develop and it makes it easier for us coaches if you are willing to listen and follow the drills we give you. Give us a kid who is not as talented but will listen and follow instruction over a kid who THINKS they got it all figured out any day.

Consistency. Don’t be all over your golf game one day and then off chasing the next best thing a week later. Stay consistent. Don’t worry so much about the results you are having and start embracing the entire process you are going through. We can guarantee if you stay the course and don’t veer off, you will be very well off. This also goes for your overall consistent golf game. The more you practice the more consistent you are going to be. Keep on going and working and pushing through the grind. Take constant action to help develop your game day in and day out.

Perseverance. Through your golfing days you will face many obstacles. Those who are great at golfing will tell you, they did not get to where they were without facing obstacles. It’s the golfers who fight through the hard times that become great golfers. Learn how to stay up when times get rough and you will begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Follow these 4 keys to becoming a great golfer and see if you don’t just end up where you want to be. For most of us this is claiming a jacket on the tour, for others it’s not as bold. Whatever your goals and dreams are don’t let your own self get in the way!

Latta Lea Golf Tourney Update

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Hey guys wanted to give you an update on where we are at for the golf tournament this Summer! As most of you know we are hosting a golf tourney for all ages and skill levels. If you are looking for more detail please look for our first post regarding the tournament. It has everything you need for now.

Right now we are looking for companies to have booths on our big weekend! So far we have a total of 5 booths signed up and they include everyone from Under Armour to Gatorade. If you are interested in a booth please let us know as soon as possible so we can get you and your company in the best spot possible. Limited supply of spaces are available and trust me they are going quickly.

Our goal is to have a total of 20 booths at the event. With that being said, we have put up a few FAQ’s for you guys. If you have any to add please let us know as well.

What services can we offer at your tourney?

You can sell any of your services as long as they don’t involve anything inappropriate or hazardous to the event. Things like clothing sales, hats. golf clubs, anything golf related, food, any corporate services, and really anything else that you bring by us we can most likely work with. If you are unsure just be sure to ask one of our representatives and we will take care of you.

What is the cost?

Depending on the size of the space you are wanting/needing prices range anywhere from $200-$1000. The price is the same if you are wanting just to stay for one hour or the entire day. We are doing it this way just for simplicity or the event.

Can we have alcohol at our booth?

Yes, anyone booth that is looking to have alcohol at their booth their is an additional $20 per bracelet. If you do not have a bracelet we can not allow you to serve or drink alcohol. We will have beer vendors out on site and you can bring 1 cooler of your own alcohol if you want. 1 cooler per tent please.

Can we bring pets?

Dogs are the only pets that are allowed, and are only allowed at your tent and in the visitor area of the golf course. Please pick up after your pet please.

Can we have a booth and play in the tourney?

Yes of course! As long as your have someone over 18 supervising your tent at all times, feel free to join the action and hopefully catch some sun rays!

This is obviously just a preliminary set of questions that we put together based on the phone calls and emails that we have been getting, but please feel free to leave a comment below or call us with any questions you might have. We are working hard to accommodate anyone and everyone that wants to be involved with out event!

Also, we are looking for a good 20-30 volunteers for the tournament. Duties will include everything from helping maintain overall flow of event, to making sure trash isn’t building up. Let us know if you are interested.

So far our booth vendors include:

Gatorade, Under Armour, Callaway Golf , Business Cleanse, and Hibbett Sports 


These are the first 5 signed up, and we are looking to feel 15 more! Please sign up today if you are interested. Leave your number in a comment below or shoot us an email and we will get back to you in the earliest convenience.

It’s all in your mechanics

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Boys and girls, kids of all ages. It’s time to listen up. This here game of golf is no joke. It is tough, it will frustrate you and it will never be completely 100% perfected by anyone, including some of the greats of golf.

There is a reason nobody is ranked 100% on any PGA golf games and why all golf tournaments are always producing new winners.

Just when you think you are at the top, there is always someone working harder than you. Someone who is better and someone who has, or will win more than you.

When you think of it that way, it really can make you wonder about how good the golfers of the future are going to be.

The longer we go on with this world, think how much better our great sport of golf will be in 20, 30 or even 50 years from now. WOW!! Who knows what will come of it.

I’m not sure what you are thinking/seeing for the future, but us here are picturing a human robot who is nearly perfect and can hit an eagle nearly every hole…Of course this is unrealistic, but boy o boy wouldn’t that be neat…Then again perhaps it would get boring…

Anyways, onto our lesson for the youth of today, our games future. The game of golf is all about your mechanics!!

O too often we see kids who really want to crush the ball, and some that really can if they would learn to relax. As soon as you see yourself trying to go Happy Gilmore on the ball you need to stop. Though this would be great to do, it is unrealistic as well, especially if you are a beginner.

So what do you need to do??

Practice Makes Perfect

You need to work on all of your drills that we show you. Don’t just go out and try to slam the ball 500 yards right when you show up. You need to warm up properly and slowly move into your full drive.

Remember you need to always work on your mechanics. The best part about this part of the process is you don’t have to be actually hitting a golf ball to be practicing on your craft.

Want to become 99.99999% perfect? Take the time to work on every part of your golf game every day, even if that involves not hitting a golf ball.

Each lesson we have we show our golfers what drills we want you to work on. Of course we have drills for every caliber of golfer, but which ever drills we give you to work on don’t be afraid to work on them daily!!

These drills will help set you foundation up for the future when you are golfing on the PGA Tour with the big dogs.

You need to have a mindset that there is always someone working harder than you. Be the guy/girl who is always thinking they are being chased.

Have that mindset and I guarantee it’ll be tough to beat.

We really wanted to stress that trying to kill the ball is a huge no no!!!

You need to stay nice and steady and work on the mechanics that we will help you with.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us so we can set up a time to come out for a lesson!

Latta Lea Welcome to Texas Golf Tourney

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golf 2

golf 2

You guessed it its time to dust off the old golf clubs and come on out to our initial Texas Golf Tournament at our brand new state of the art golf course in the beautiful Dallas, Texas. We are very excited to make this announcement and really hope you can make it out! All proceeds will be used to add on additional upgrades to our new golf club and courses.

Important info for you to know

If you are planning on coming out please email us at so we can email you a copy of the registration form that will be required from each golfer in attendance! If you don’t want to email us we completely understand. We aren’t posting it on our site due to a few reasons, but mainly because we seek to keep confidentiality right now considering we are new to the city! If you choose at the last second to come out to the tournament, no problem, we will have registration forms for anyone who shows up! After you fill out the form we will then assign you a number for you so we can keep track of all scores and groups.

Date: The Latta Lea Golf Tournament will be help on 7/18/2015-7/19/2015, that’s right! Bring on the Texas heat!!

Location: Lakewood Country Club (temporary location, stay tuned this may change)

We will be having a long event filled weekend that will bring together some of the best golfers of all ages from 10-100!

We will even be having groups divided by skill level and age.


1st Group  7AM-10AM: Intermediate Level Age 10-15

2nd Group  10AM-1 PM: Advanced Level 10-15

3rd Group  1PM-4PM: Intermediate Level 15-20

4th Group  4PM-7PM: Advanced Level 15-20


1st Group 7AM-10AM: Intermediate Level 20+

2nd Group 10AM-1PM: Advanced Level 20+

Also please note that all groups are coed and winner takes all (trophy).

Entry: $20 per Golfer.

Younger groups will most likely only play 9 holes depending on how the day is going and all times are likely to change as the day goes on and depending on how many signs up we have.

We expect a good amount of golfers to show up! We also have a good sized group flying in from New York from our old stomping grounds. They will all being staying at the Hilton downtown and will be arriving in awesome limos that will be provided by Rowlett VIP Limo Service.

IF you would like to join the group and would like to ride along in one of these limos please let us know in an email, I am sure we can make this happen!

Please do not use this blog as the final schedule of events for the day as we are just now getting everything structured and figured out!

We plan on sending a few more edits before the big day!

We are still looking for volunteers who are willing to be judges and score keepers, caddies and food vendors. If you would be interested in anything like this please let us know. We are open to any ideas you guys have to make the big day awesome!

Again, this is more of a rough draft of the schedule of events to come, but we wanted to get the big news out and kinda go from there. The location may very well change depending on when our new golf course is finished!

It is supposed to be completed by early June, but if it will be playable, we will see!

Please send us an email if you are interested and we look forward to the big day with you.






Beginners Guide to Golf

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This is for all of you beginners out there. We know golf is one of the most challenging sports in the WORLD. Yep, we said it the WORLD. There is a reason only a select few golfers turn into pros. IF you want to become one of the best at this game you have to put in a ton of hard work and dedication, as with every other sport today!

In order to get to elite levels as Spieth or any of the top golfers today, you have to build your foundation at a young age. Nothing great was created overnight and the same thing goes for golfing. You can’t become a pro in one day of golfing. If you want to become the next level golfer you need to really dedicate some time to developing the correct mechanics of your golf game.

It is critical that you are being taught the correct mechanics. And can you guess who we would recommend for these correct mechanics? That’s right! Latta Lea Golf Club in Dallas, Texas.

When you are a beginner we can help you wrap your head around all of the crazy techniques that golfing has. We know it can be overwhelming at times, this is why when we have a rookie or beginner we break the game down step by step.

We have a unique and fun way of approaching the game of golf. Our goal for today’s youth is to make the game FUN. We know you want to be the best, but we also don’t want you to get burned out of the sport in a couple years.

Though we do recommend our own coaches here at the golf club, there are obviously a ton of other alternatives in the DFW area. We just really hope that they make this game fun for you and that they are teaching everything the right way.

The cool thing with golf is that there isn’t just one right way to golf. You look at every pro golfer in the world, not one is exactly the same as the next guy. They are all different in certain ways. Some guys will go for all power and really try to crush the ball (pros can get away with this), other will be smooth as silk and still crush the ball and are crazy accurate.

This is what makes the game of golf such an amazing and thrilling sport. You can develop your own technique that simply touches on all the fundamentals in the correct way and you will be on your way. Of course we all want to be like happy gilmore, but unfortunately even he had to learn the basics before you can get to the next level of your game.

These are all things we teach at our camps and lessosn every weekend/day. We take the time out to truly dedicate our time to help you find the inner golfer in you. No matter if you are 10 or 100 years old. In our eyes, everyone is trainable and coachable.

We just want to help develop players and coach them into the next level of their careers. Whether that involves the pros or just making the varsity squad in high school.

Wherever yo are in your golf game, we want to help you. Shoot us an email today at to schedule a lesson with us!

We look forward to working with you in the near future, also don’t forget to ask about our inaugural Dallas camp 7-18/7-19.



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Welcome fellow golfers. We are back finally. Except this time we are in a completely different state and city. All the way from New York to Dallas. Why the change you ask? It’s complicated, but mainly because who doesn’t like golf nearly all year round? We were losing interest for a good majority of the year due to the cold weather and frozen fields.

We are now establishing a new name for our selves out here in the great state of Texas where everything is bigger and better, literally. Our goal is to host golf camps and clinics all year long.

We are fortunate enough now to be able to be year round due the weather.

So you ask when did this take place?

The idea came up a few months ago while we were sitting in 3 foot pile of snow on the green. We asked ourselves, why aren’t we down where the weather is warmer and the golf if literally all year round (almost all year at least).

We are still able to bring out the best in today’s youth by helping them out the same way we did up in Rochester. We strive to help out today’s youth by bringing them easy to learn teaching methods and techniques.

We will continue to educate to ages from 10-100. Yes we really have given lessons to a 100 year old man haha!

Are you new to the Latta Lea Golf Club?

Not a problem, let us help you out by explaining how our lessons and camps typically go.

1-on-1 Lessons

Our lessons can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours long. 45 minutes prices are $100 and 1.5 hours costs $200. Our 1-on-1 lessons are exactly what they say in the title. Unlike many other golfing lessons, you won’t show up to a 1-on-1 lesson and have multiple other kids in your lesson. We really don’t like the way some guys go about doing that to today’s youth. This is why we devote these time slots to focusing on the individual we are working with. The lesson will involve us explaining all of the basic techniques for golfing. If you are a repeat lesson goer we will obviously not have to explain the mechanics every time. This is when we get into different drills and start focusing on more details in your game.

Group Lessons

Our group lessons involve anywhere from 2- 10 players. Group lessons typically last around an hour and cost $70 per golfer. These lessons involve more competition and chances to win little giveaways from our golf club! These lessons are also only allowed for golfers who have had at least 2 lessons from one of our coaches. We will have different games and drills for each golfer based off the level that they are currently at.

Whichever lesson you are looking for we can help you out. We look forward to coaching kids out in the Dallas area and cant wait to see to see the different talent that hasn’t been found yet!!

If you are interested in a lesson feel free to shoot us an email at